The Domonica island

The Dominica island is located between the Guadeloupe in the north and the Martinique in the south… This island is one of the greenest and the most mountainous of the Caribbean islands. She was used to be the place of the first part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” (immense pride of the Dominican)! The landscapes are wonderful with lush vegetation and its high peaks.

This independent country since 1970 is member of the Commonwealth. Its capital is Roseau.

The standard of living is low (222 rank of the GDP), the level of the unemployment is high despite a high level of the literacy rate at 94%. The salary of a worker is around 700€, 900€ for a teacher and 1300€ for a professor.

During this period of vote, people speak about corruption. They say that to keep a comfortable home, their job, it is required to choose well. There is no really anonymity during the votes, some lost their job, the aids because they chose the looser candidate.

One of the issues in the island is linked with the drugs consumption and the many smokers of marijuana don’t hide.

Even if the life is not easy in Dominica, even if there are a lot of issues, a part of the population has been taking care to try to make live the business. For example, in Porthmouth, the PAYS association is in charge of the anchorage, the security and organize excursions in an equitable sharing between all the 20 taxiboats and all work together to develop the activity in the bay...

Nevertheless, all say that they prefer to be independent and less rich than the other island but they can choose the destiny of the island.

The tourism is an important resource with the agriculture. But as there are few beaches, few hotels have been created. The hot sources, the waterfalls and other natural sites are loved by the cruisers spilling tourists several times per week for few hours.

The west coast is the most developed and the most visited. The east coast, the windy one, is the most isolated and the poorest part.

One of the hugest scourges are the hurricanes which devastate regularly the island. The last one, Maria in September 2017 created huge damages still visible today. All the persons met spoke about it with a kind of fatalism... At the Charlotte’s school for example, one river has overwhelmed and destroyed the primary floor of the school. Albert, a taxiboat, explains that his house has just been rebuilt (the roof and the walls) and he hopes to finish the bathroom in the next days to come back with his son.

The government has built some buildings to install people who has lost their home : some said that it is horrible for the families to be in small flat without garden as they have used to, some others said it is better than sleeping in the streets... Of course, the best would be to build individual houses...

With the help of our colleagues of Airbus of IACI, the Ferradou and the good wills we have collected more than 150kg of school supplies, toys and clothes to help the population. We have distributed them in 3 schools with the help of Sandra from the association Help for Dominica. (see page Solidarity).

The rest will be donated by Sandra in some other schools.

Thanks a lot all who permit this actions to be done. The Dominican were very happy.