THANK YOU Le Ferradou !!

As part of the Happy To Sea project, an action was launched with the support of the Airbus IACI team to assist two charity organizations located on Dominica island : the first helping children, the second providing care in several communities. We then decided to set up a collection in France in order to be able to send material to these two associations.

Thus, the Ferradou educational team, under the initiative of Mrs Plasson, volunteered to organize this collection from the school’s students. The Ferradou school complex is located in Blagnac and welcomes children from all classes, from kindergarten to the final year of high school.

Following various exchanges with Mrs. Plasson during the month of September, the collection day was set for October 14. We were ready to collect these donations but we did not live up to the generosity shown by the students’ families. Four cars were needed to transport goods of all kinds : medical equipment, children’s underwear, school bags, school supplies, toys…

After having sorted the collection, we wanted to inform you the inventory carried out :

Dons Ferradou

  • Pens : 1 XL boxe + 1 IKEA bag

  • Notebooks : 1 IKEA bag


  • 4 medium boxes + 1 XL boxe

  • Reusable Plastic DISHERS

  • 2 medium boxes


  • 4 medium boxes


  • 2 XL boxes


  • 1 medium boxes


  • 4 medium boxes + 3 small boxes

Given the success of the collection but also of the complicated logistics of transporting everything, part of the supplies will be sent later for others actions around the world during Happy To Sea project. Some supplies not adapted to local needs but in good condition will be donated to a French association.

We would like to thank all the students and their families who have committed themselves with us to this action and more particularly Mrs. Plasson who made this collection possible.

You have pleasantly surprised us with this great outpouring of solidarity ! We thank you for that !

A first shipment to Dominica is scheduled for 13th December. We will keep you informed of the distribution of these donations by Ninon, Olivier, Maylis, Oriane et Elouan!