Solidarity in Dominica !

We are from Olivier’s team working on Airframe Architecture & Integration topics at Airbus. When we got aware of Oliver’s project, we wanted to be part of this exciting adventure as well. Olivier offered us the opportunity to support the Dominica stopover that they will make during their sailing trip around January 2020.

Dominica island is located in the West Indies on which 73 500 people are living. In the past, they have been suffering from several devastating hurricanes (’79, ’07, ’15, ’17) but there was little media attention.

Knowing that they were left behind by international NGOs, we have decided to provide them with our support and started to look for local associations to determine the main needs of the population. After several exchanges, we have identified the main goods and organized a charity collection for the 2 following associations:

  • Help for Dominica

This charity has been created on 2015. It takes care of children from 4 to 11 who are most in need. This organization is giving a material support such as backpacks for school, school supplies but also school socks for their uniform. Most schools don't have eating areas, so the children just eat in the school yard using unbreakable/re-usable plates and glasses, one of the items we are also collecting. We asked then support from parents who are currently conducting charity collection within their children’s schools.

  • The Dominican Red Cross Society

With this world health organization, we defined needs linked to healthcare. The Zika virus is a big concern on this island so they primarily need mosquito repellant. They also have First-aid centers distributed amongst several communities who have not enough band-aid, sterile compresses, sanitizer, and suture kits. So we are focusing our collection on these needs as well.

In parallel we are looking for transport logistics opportunities, to bring the collected goods there via Martinique or Guadeloupe. Several possible solutions are currently being considered.

Sail tuned!

Pauline, Sarah and Julien