Republica Dominicana

The Dominican Republic will be our last stop in Caribbean Island. It takes around two third of the Hispanola Island the last third is Haiti. We can find a lot of different lands : mountains, rain forest, desert area...

This country is independent and democratic, it is ranked at the 70 countries regarding is GDP. The tourism is since 1990 the first revenue of the country before the industry and the agriculture. Some areas are tourist dedicated like at Punta Cana where the coast is very constructed.

The level of life is low, there is no insurance, only the officials have a retirement. In the private firms, only a indemnity is given at the departure then nothing more. Even if, the legal age to be retired is 62 years old, most of them try to work as longer as possible... a new system has been put in place since few years in order to give a retirement to the workers...

People here are very friendly, they speak few English. Even in the capital, the life is quiet and nice. It is not the same in the touristic area where the money modifies the relationship.

The history of the country is also very interesting. At “los haitises” in Samana bay, is the place where the last Caribbean Indians live. We could find some paints in the caves... the impact of Spanish colonization is also very present, and more particularly in Santo Domingo, the capital, where we can visit the palaces of the conquistadors!

And the Samana bay is now a sanctuary where humpback whales come at the beginning of the year to reproduce and give birth. It’s easy to see them and the show is really wonderful !