Our boat


« Ourialys” is a sailboat "IMPRESSION 434" produced by the Elan in 2006.

This boat was selected as it was compliant with our rather heavy specifications: we looked for a well-manufactured boat (for safety reasons), recent and in excellent condition (to limit repairs related to intensive use).

A boat, with a large water capacity (900l) is very interesting. Indeed, a world sailing trip is mainly long cruising: trans-Atlantic (20 days, trans-Pacific (30 days), the trans-Indian (30 days too)…

For drinkable water, two choices are possible:

- having large water tanks in the boat - using a watermaker.

The big advantage of big tanks is that they can’t break down like a watermaker !

This Elan also has the great advantage of being equipped with large fuel tanks (560l). These large tanks are essential for safety during these long sailing’s.

All these tanks are also located in the center of the boat for a better weight distribution that perfectly fits our program.

And, for the comfort on board, we wanted to have space inside the boat but also outside! During the sailing trip, everyone usually finds themselves in the cockpit

Inside, there is a large space too, with a kitchen in «U», a big table, 3 double cabins including a very large front cabin transformed into a triple cabin.

It is perfectly suited for offshore navigation with restricted crew but will require a meticulous preparation for a program around the world.

The preparation:

In addition to a complete inspection of the boat made in February by an expert and benefiting from our «Atlantic tour» experience, we will be supported in this task by Philippe, the boss of “Philippe Plaisance” , based in Port Leucate , company specialized in the sale of new and used boats but also in the support of projects such as ours.

The 4 main topics are:

Structure & sails:

The rigging, metallic cables that link the mast to the roof, will be changed and sails will be also replaced.

Rigging change is not mandatory (the life duration is between 15 and 20 years) but following our damage during our “Atlantic trip” in 2016, prudence is the done thing!

We will also increase the sailing game with a spinnaker (big sail) and forestay sail (small sail for bad weather).

Electronic equipment:

In addition to the tracer GPS and radar, we will add an AIS transponder as well as a satellite phone with an external antenna.

A WIFI antenna will also be set up in order to have access to internet in coastal zone. All navigational systems are doubled or tripled via autonomous tablets.

Energy production:

The boat is equipped with 200W solar panels as well as a wind turbine. In order to minimize our “carbon footprint”, and to ensure almost all of our energy needs, we will complement the panel capabilities to reach 500W.

Navigation and safety:

The boat will be equipped with all required safety equipment (radio VF, distress EPIRB beacon, life raft, etc.) as well as a satellite phone, individual distress beacon, etc...

The details of the preparation will be the subject of a further detailed article.