One year sailing (first part)

In 2016, we left for one year with our family to sail around the Atlantic. We wanted to take the timetogether to discover other cultures, other countries, meet people with only nature as a limit, andbring our contribution to charity projects.

We visited 18 countries, favoring sharing and exchange in a spirit of mutual respect: for the association “Kafosaze”, we transported school books and paramedical goods to a remote village in Casamance, Senegal. We exchanged on our cultures and values through many encounters: our kids went to school in Senegal, we stayed at Mamadou’s home in the Sine Saloum area thanks to the association “Case à Voyage”, at Khalid’s in Marrakech thanks to the association “Maroc chez l’Habitant”, and all the others, in a spirit of discovery and sharing.

Un seul pied ne trace pas un sentier (proverbe sénégalais)

Maroc chez l’habitant

We sailed more than 12,000 miles and lived extraordinary adventures. One of the most memorable took place during our first crossing of the Atlantic, we had to face a damage affecting the integrity of the boat: agility (change our course of actions to reach the objective), team work (communicate with other ships, with oceanic surveillance agencies, with the crew at the right level – to clearly pass the message while managing our stress and the crew’s stress), and resilience were the key words to face this exceptional event.