Namangame Camp primary school

11 classrooms from CP up to CM2. Approximately twenty students by class except for the class of CE1 who enforces 60 students. Madame Diouf CE2 teacher explain us how to be a teacher in Senegal. After the bachelor, you have t go in Dakar in the university. She was lucky to have an aunt there. To obtain the teacher diploma, first there is a dictation, then some written exam and at this end you have to go an oral. If you have been succeed, during 9 months you ar

e in evaluation. Then you pass the last exam which will provide you with your first assignment.

Madame Diouf is the eldest of a 10 sisters and brothers, she was working in this school for 5 years: her dream was to become a lawyer but the difficulty was too big and she was forced to find quickly a job to ensure a salary to be able to care of her family.

Finally the teacher profession has embarked her and she loves students and her own children. Her parents do not work: his mother is housewife and his father was a gardener.

In the school, the teachers are valued very regularly by the inspectors who verify both the content of the courses and the holding of the class but also by the director who notes the teachers each end of the year based on regular visits in the class but also on the level of the average of the class.

With the help of Miss Diouf, a meeting was organized to present the similarity between a boat and a plane. The pupils were impressed : the questions raised were less scientists than the ones asked in the secondary school. Later on, some pupils come to discuss with us in the village.