Motivation and solidarity

Are the words for this preparation phase.

The first stage of preparation went through a complete boat analysis done by a sailboat expert in February.

We spent nearly 10 hours together to check the boat. The report was very good: the boat was healthy but the list of jobs to prepare it is as long as the arm!

With Philippe of PHILIPPE PLAISANCE firm ( ), partner of the project, we agree, for purely practical reasons, to bring the boat from Argelès to Port Leucate where his company is based.

He takes care of finding us a place for the duration of the work (congratulations !!!).

We are starting to list, item by item, which is to change, to strengthen, to adapt and what is to be completed: 6 major projects are open.

1 / Rigging and sails:

The standing rigging (steel cables that connect the mast to the bridge) is to be changed. It was from 2006 and the intense program that awaits us requires to leave with new equipment.

The set of sails will also be changed for the same reasons. The support of Philippe but also the brand Elan via the importer Blue Touch Marseille ( ) allows us to have beautiful sails, performing at a good price and in delays !

A forward sail for bad weather (staysail on textile release stay) will also be put in place.

When removing the mast, a complete check is made by Philippe who takes the opportunity to change the anchor light, solar collector, and LED bridge fire to limit our electricity consumption.

Then set up the wardrobe (the set of sails) that has been adapted to the big trip program!

2 / Energy and electricity:

The boat was equipped with 200W of solar panels and a 160W wind turbine. It's not enough to cover our needs.

After several researches and on the good advices of Tristan of Accastillage Diffusion in Leucate ( ), we add 2 panels of 100W.

A stainless steel frame and a plate to support the antennas of the electronic equipment have been made in addition with a guying of the gantry to support this increase in load.

The complete electrical circuit has been verified, simplified and secured.

In the same way, all the electric cables are identified and marked in order to be able to face quickly any possible worry during the journey.

Philippe at work !

Sockets are added both inside and out.

3 / Electronics:

Only changes related to our program are made:

- addition of an AIS transponder

- displacement of the radar on the chart table

- change of the VHF (ASN with GPS)

- connection / wiring of the satellite phone

- Addition of a "Webboat" antenna (amplification of terrestrial telephone signal & wifi) in order to be able to communicate with our web site more efficiently

4 / Motorization:

A complete overhaul of the engine and Z-Drive and the change of the seals are planned. The engine is in perfect condition as shown by the oil analysis made during the appraisal.

The work is entrusted to the company Techniques Plaisance ( for their expertise.

It offers us, in addition, a complete refurbishment of the "old" Yamaha 2-stroke engine of our annex! Thanks to them !

The fuel tank will be emptied and cleaned to eliminate any risk of bacteria that would only grow in the heat of the tropics!

5 / Interior equipment:

Big job in perspective! We adapt the interior of the boat to our program but also to the project: we reserve a cabin for our guests!

The front cabin is the most spacious, we "redesign" it by adding a bed Breton (3 children can be together) and 2 large closets ..

Ludo gets on it! After more than 10 days of work (not to mention the time of sanding and varnishing) the cabin is metamorphosed: the result is bluffing (and solid !!)! Thanks to him who did a wonderful job!

A big thank also to Patrick who made us a big and beautiful rounded fool so that Elouan does not fall from his new bed!

Very nice job, gentlemen!!

The transformed cabin as well as the static test

(Extrem Loads have been validated with Ludo support !!)

The water circuit, mainly black water is modified. We must dismount a large part of the square to achieve our ends, but the result is there: simpler, more reliable and we gain space!

Before After: space saving !!

The devil liking to hide in the details, we added fargues (to prevent everything from falling during navigation a bit hectic), hatches to facilitate access in the coffers, an anti-roll fabric ...

A seawater pump, to minimize our consumption of fresh water, has also been installed.

6 / Hull and deck:

This is not the biggest job, but it is essential for safety.

A line is set up as well as nets of the dies. The life raft is moved to the transom of the boat.

During the landings of Ourialys², valves and hulls are changed as well as the speedo and the sounder (which requires a local re-stratification)

And finally, the shell will be fully cleaned and protected by a new antifouling bi-color for safety reasons!

The boat comes back on sea on Sunday, July 14th!

In conclusion: the boat is ready on time despite a challenge very huge!

Some told us about the alignment of the planets, others of luck but it is especially clear that all this was made possible only by the excellent management of the works of Philippe Plaisance and the craftsmen who regularly work with him!

A big thanks to Kai, Ludo, Patrick, Tristan, Pierre, Cyril, Cedric, David, Daniel, Jo and of course Philippe who helped us prepare the boat in a very short time!

Not to mention our pontoon neighbours and especially Yves.

Congratulations and thank you again!

All these days of work were well worth a drink!