Important subject when you go on a trip (and even more with children) ... In general, on a boat one certainly has less chance to catch the flu, other viruses and classical bacteria ... But, it is obvious that it will be rather a pharmacy focused on smecta and also immoduim, mosquitoes ...

At Toulouse University Hospital, we have two units:

- one for the frequent travelers (a doctor, according to your itinerary, prescribes the vaccines to be made, the anti-Palludean treatments to take…) - the CCMM : a doctor can be contacted in case of emergency. This service is free for sailers. Coordinates of the CCMM : or by phone: (33) 05 61 77 24 85.

What to take in the pharmacy?

There is an internship named ATMSI (Medical Techniques in Situation of Isolation) of a few days, dispensed by nurses and emergency doctors.

It is particularly adapted to big cruise. I followed that of Vincent Delire (Medidistance): very interesting training where we learnt a lot of things and of course we hope we never have to use them ...