Arrivée par le sud caribéen

After 18 days on the sea from Cape Verde, we arrived in Martinique; this French island is a paradise on the earth! We found all our French/European marks with, in addition, turquoise Caribbean sea ! ok...there are also some “grains” (big clouds with lot of wind and lot of tropical rain) that arrived as quick as they leave ! the weather changes around 45 times per day but we adapt quickly !

There are a lot of creeks along the island but also a volcano, mountains and tropical forests.

Population is very friendly and helpful.. a conditions to come down to “antillais” rhythm that is not exactly the same as our in Europe ! The rhythm is a lit bit more slow, that’s permit to take time and take advantage of family live ! It’s a other view of the life! “Pani pwoblem”.

Behind the paradisiacal landscape, life is not always easy: life cost is exorbitant regarding metropolis; the unemployment rate is higher... without speaking on hurricane risk!

The economical centre is in Fort-de-France, the capital. To go there, you must be patient because of hugh number of traffic jams, traffic jams very difficult to avoid when you want to go from south to north of island!

Le Marin, our arrival point, is dedicated to boat pleasure. During the high season, there are more than 3500 boats in the bay, the marina and also Saint Anne Bay (close to the Marin)! On the island, there are more than 800 catamarans to rent.

If someone comes to find job on boat and find easily, others come and “get out” and finish as “sea tram” supported by the rum... to consume with moderation of course!


Aters one saling day to the south, Tobago Cays are a veritable jewel! These islands are very appreciated by navigators for these crystalline water and the fauna.

This archipelago belongs to “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”. This independent country is a commonwealth member with Elisabeth II as queen! The main island is “Saint Vincent”, there are also: Bequia, Union... and also the private island: Moustique!

The economy is based on tourism and agriculture. This country is also considered as Tax paradise even if since 2010 lot of efforts have done in terms of transparency.

Arrived in Bequia for clearances (immigration, customs, sailing tax sometimes...), the village is welcoming and lot of tourists are found there. But, just behind the fist curtain, we discover the poverty where drug and rum are devastating!


In Tobago Cays, boy boats or taxi boat welcome tourism, propose anchorage and lot of services (bread the morning, fruits, t-shirts with turtles....). There is no habitation on the archipelago except temporary restaurants!

Guys are very happy, the business is good this year due to the number of boats... personally; high number of boats makes the place too crowded for us...

Even if this boat influx, fauna is very abundant: iguanas, turtles and tortoises, colibris... and in the reef, there are a lot of fishes but also rays, sharks that we could see during a diving getaway !

Fond des Tobago Cays

Very beautiful stop to switch in 2020!