Abdou, the merchant

The first meeting with Abdou was possible due to the kids : in front of his shop, a little cat was sleeping in morocco shoes. The kids discuss with him about this cat. He says friendly :” this cat has some eyes disease. I have to give him some medicine”.

An other time, we ask him if he would like to perform an interview : I refuse the video but accept to discuss. We will understand why after.

Abdou is 53 years old. He has been working like his father in the trail company. But 20 years ago, the company closed : most of the workers (around 80%) was obliged to leave Tangier to try to find a job elsewhere. It was very hard, no job, no money. He says to me loudly that he goes in jail not due to have mugged someone but because he has done some traffic. At that time, he sees no other solutions, bad advice, bad relations… Now, he wants to go far away this period. His brother, who has this shop, proposed him some help.

Last year, he married and would like to have a kid. Only one he says because the most important thing is the education. “in Morocco, the education is very difficult. At school, the instruction is not good and often it is in the school, where the child learn how to bad things. So to avoid that, you have no choice: you have to paid private and very expensive school. Then, you are sure that they can have good education and far away from traffic. They can after choice the job they want.”

Abdou has also two sisters married and they have got children.

He is happy of what he has got and doesn’t need more.